You can purchase tickets valid for one to four days and providing you with access to all of the events, classes, tours, and other festival activities. Place your reservations once – and then forget your worries, that's our motto. After booking your tickets, you can register for the individual events you'd like to attend even before the ROSADIRA BIKE begins – or you can wait until you're on-site and only then decide what you'd like to participate in.
The cable car Welschnofen - Nova Levante is included in the ticket.
The festival, the mood and the atmosphere, the expo area, and all the side activities are accessible to all interested parties free of charge.

Children until 8 years free!
Junior from 8 to 16 years*
Ticket 1 day - 30 Euro
Ticket 2 days - 45 Euro
Ticket 3 days - 60 Euro
Ticket 4 days - 75 Euro


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